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St. John The Baptist Cemetery


Eden Cemetery is composed of two parcels, EDEN CEMETERY, Parcel #19-12-28-3350-0460-0000.  Part of Grove Lot 46, Deed Book 61, Page 578 lying between Oakwood Street and Walnut Street, 800 feet north of Grove Avenue.  “Map on File” CRESCENT CITY QUAD.  N 29o 28 764 W 81o 30.835 and HUNTERS ADD TO EDEN CEMETERY, Crescent City.  Parcel #19-12-28-3350-0440-0000, Part of Grove Lot 44 lying south of EDEN CEMETERY between Oakwood and Walnut Streets, north of Grove Avenue.  CRESCENT CITY QUAD.  N 29o 26.685 W 81o 30.855.  “Maintained”.

Everyone needs to understand that there are two separate, and distinct cemeteries here.  It looks like one very large, all encompassing cemetery.  Eden Cemetery surrounds St. John the Baptist Catholic Cemetery ,on the southerly and westerly sides.  The Catholic Church has a practice of purchasing land adjacent to municipal cemeteries for their own interments.  There are no well-defined barriers between the two other than a row of bushes planted on part of the southern boundary of St. John the Baptist.  If you do not find your loved-one’s name in this listing for Eden, check St. John the Baptist.

For More Information you can contact the parish.

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